If you are getting ready to sell your home, you have probably spent a lot of time fixing things and freshening up in order to make your home look presentable to prospective buyers.  Once it hits the MLS you will want to be sure not to forget about these safety tips.  Using these tips you can keep your home and your personal belongings safe while strangers are looking at your home.

  1. Keep your valuable out of sight.  Even though complete strangers may be accompanied by a professional Realtor does not mean the items left on dressers or out in the open will be safe from sticky fingers.  Realtors can be watching every move their clients may make, so keep credit cards, cash, keys, prescription drugs and jewelry out of sight when your home is being shown.  Honest people will be less likely to look through closed drawers or closed cabinets but if items are left on the counter the temptation may be too great.


  1. Be careful of your personal information.  Identity theft is a big problem these days and bills, statements, and other papers with personal information on them can make a big target.  Be sure to stash these things in a safe location and turn off laptops or computers as well.


  1. Don’t show your home alone.  This may seem innocent enough but do not show your home unless the person wanting to see your home has a Realtor with them and you were notified in advance of their arrival.  Predators come in all shapes and sizes, so unless they have an appointment and are with a Realtor refer them to your own Realtor for an appointment.  Better safe than sorry.


  1. Remove the pets.  Please, please remove your pets or place them in crates for any showing.  Your pet may be the friendliest little guy when you are home with them but without you there and a stranger coming in their home, your pet will go on the defense.  The last thing you want is being liable for any mishaps or incidents related to your pets.


  1. Lock the door.  This may seem like a no brainer but lock the door.  Do not let anyone access your home without them using the lockbox.  The lockbox is designed to record who and when someone entered your home.  If you leave the door open for an agent because “he forgot his lockbox key” or something like that, you will have no idea who is actually entering your home.  Only those with the proper credentials and access should be coming into your home.


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